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5XL 6XL ठुलो साइज रोब स्प्रिंग समर ड्रेस ठूलो आकार लालित्य लामो पोशाक

बेच्ने मुल्य $ 36.24 नियमित मूल्य $ 63.42

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As game of thrones' famous line, "winter is coming", also, walking under the sun, running by the beach,a feeling of humid air, drinking fresh coconuts, enjoying tropical food and swimming in the sea, means that winter is done and Summer is now coming.
And since summer seasons is the hottest time of the year, it is really hot and humid that makes it hard to find comfort.
But choosing what to wear really adds up to the humidity. Introducing our very own, LARGE SIZE ROBE SPRING SUMMER DRESS BIG SIZE ELEGANT LONG DRESS specifically made for women with variations of sizes from L, XL, XXL, XXXL, 4XL, 5XL to 6XL and short sleeve length, allowing more air to flow and increase comfortability.
Wearing this during spring can also eliminate heat and discomfort. With solid color pattern, and o-neckline emphasizing your neck making you look sexier and ankle-length dress designed to make you look taller, and elegant.
You can also partner this with jewelries and accessories to look more fashionable.
Who says that during summer you can't wear long dresses ?
This is the perfect Summer and Spring Robe dress for you or for your mom. So why not be trendy and comfortable at the same time ?
And why settle for less if you can have a nice dress with comfortability ?
Don't waste your time and grab this chance to get this item now for low prices only.
You can buy it for lower wholesale prices and low retail prices.

Style: Casual/Evening Party
Size: Plus Size L/XL/2XL/3XL/4XL/5XL/6XL

Size Bust Shoulder Waist Length
L 108cm/42.5 43cm/16.9 100cm/39.3 142cm/55.9
XL 112cm/44.1 44cm/17.3 104cm/40.9 143cm/56.3
2XL 116cm/45.6 45cm/17.7 108m/42.5 144cm/56.7
3XL 120cm/47.2 46cm/18.1 112cm/44.1 145cm/57.0

4XL 124cm/48.8 47cm/18.5 116cm/45.6 146cm/57.5
5XL 128cm/50.4 48cm/18.9 120cm/47.2 147cm/57.8
6XL 132cm/51.9 49cm/19.3 124cm/48.8 148cm/58.2

Note : There is 2-3% difference according to manual measurement.
please check the measurement chart carefully before you buy the item .

  • लिङ्ग: महिला
  • नमूना प्रकार: ठोस
  • नेकलाइन: हे-गले
  • मोडेल संख्या: महिलाहरु कपडा
  • ब्रान्ड नाम: Jlong
  • सजावट: कुनै पनि होइन
  • छाँयामा: सीधा
  • Waistline: प्राकृतिक
  • सामाग्री: स्प्यानडेक्स
  • बाहुला लम्बाइ (सेमी): कम
  • सिजन: गर्मी
  • कपडे लंबाई: तल्ला-लम्बाई
  • स्लिभ शैली: नियमित
  • शैली: आकस्मिक

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