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बेच्ने मुल्य $ 33.08 नियमित मूल्य $ 57.89

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Are you the type of person who is really conscious of what you're wearing because you think that your dress adds up to your vital figure? Or do you feel irritated and uncomfortable going to work wearing a non formal dress or attire? Worry no more because, we have a solution for that.
Why don't you try a trending and fashionable outfit that will suit your needs? We have our very own SPRING SUMMER DRESS BIG SIZE DRESS WHITE BLACK STRIPED DRESS. A perfect summer outfit of the day not only that, you can also wear it at your office or working place.
You have nothing to worry in terms of fashion ,style, quality ,and price. With vertically striped color design making you more thinner and pencil cut skirt emphasizing your hips. With variation of sizes available from Large, XL, XXL, XXXL, 4XL, 5XL, to 6XL that you can choose from. You can also combine different accessories, jewelries and fashion trends with these dress.
A good boho shoes or stripped sandals is also a nice combination or pair for this dress. You can also partner it with a blazer for office attire. It can be use as a semi formal attire or a beach summer dress depends on the accessories and shoes you are wearing. Its' materials are made of polyester Lanon that makes the air flow easier through the gaps, and will make you feel fresh and comfortable even after long hours of work.
It is affordable, classy, and skin-friendly. So do not hesitate to buy this, for yourself or to give this as a gift to your friends and loved ones and for sure, they will be really grateful and you will not regret it. Feel free to browse and check our pictures and sizes. You can also buy retail and wholesale products. Wholesale has lower prices and it's more affordable.
अब अर्डर गर्नुहोस् .
Dress Size Table

  • लिङ्ग: महिला
  • सामाग्री: पलिएस्टर
  • सामाग्री: Lanon
  • सामाग्री: COTTON
  • शैली: आकस्मिक
  • छाँयामा: पेन्सिल
  • नमूना प्रकार: स्ट्रिप
  • बाहुला लम्बाइ (सेमी): आधा
  • सजावट: कुनै पनि होइन
  • कपडे लंबाई: गोडा-लम्बाई
  • स्लिभ शैली: नियमित
  • Waistline: प्राकृतिक
  • नेकलाइन: हे-गले
  • सिजन: गर्मी
  • मोडेल संख्या: A20
  • ब्रान्ड नाम: लकबीएन
  • शैली: युरोप र संयुक्त राज्य
  • ढाँचा: धारी
  • लम्बाई लम्बाई: In the long skirt
  • स्कर्ट प्रकार: Pencil skirt
  • कपडाको प्लेटकेट: टाउको सेट गर्नुहोस्
  • Year / season: 2017 समर
  • रंग: Black white Stripe
  • आकार: L,XL,XXL,XXXL,4XL,5XL,6XL

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